High Quality Pool Starting Blocks

Our starting block frames are all welded stainless steel construction. The satin finish is gray with a rather industrial look. Outdoor carpeting over waterproof wood extends the life of the non-stainless components. These frames will last virtually forever*. These swim start blocks are entirely made and assembled in the USA.
* The non-stainless components will degrade after 5-10 years, and may need replacement.

Our swim starting blocks have been popular since 1977. These starting platforms install easily with one lag bolt into the deck. They are easy to remove and can be stored in a stack of 4 high in a 2 x 2 foot space.

  • Height 12″ at front, 18″ at back
  • Width 21″
  • Depth 21″
  • Weight 30 lbs

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Affordable Swim / Dive Start Blocks

List price is $649.00 for a starting block.